100% pure L-citrulline
for instant muscle power
Train longer and more tenaciously,
tire later!
100% pure L-citrulline
for instant muscle power
Train longer and more tenaciously,
tire later!

About CitruSyn

The new CitruSyn is 100% pure L-citrulline – the highly-effective amino acid with such an unbelievably powerful effect. It leads to a marked increase in performance, reduces muscle fatigue, improves the oxygen supply to the blood vessels and enhances muscle development. CitruSyn, in its purest form, is so effective because it is the only L-citrulline supplement on the market that doesn’t contain additives of malate or other synthetic substances.

The effective all-rounder amongst the performance enhancers!


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CitruSyn – the amino acid for
performance enhancement with anti-aging effect

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Citrulline, actually L-(+)-citrulline, is a non-essential amino acid, which is produced in natural form by plants and animals. The name is derived from “citrullus”, the Latin word for watermelon, which of course contains the ingredient in its most concentrated form. CitruSyn is the first 100% concentrated L-citrulline compound; many others contain additives. CitruSyn® on the other hand enables its many positive effects to have a full impact on the body.

How it works

CitruSyn, the particularly pure L-citrulline, slows down muscle fatigue and improves the blood supply by increasing the synthesis of nitric oxide, forming important nitrogen monoxide and raising the concentration of L-arginine in the body. Thus the blood flow in the arteries is increased leading to a higher rate of oxygen intake, additional glucose formation and an improved supply of nutrients to the muscle. The removal of waste products in the active muscle is also boosted. The new CitruSyn, a 100% pure L-citrulline compound, with no malate additive or synthetic substances, reinforces this effect, leads to performance enhancement, has a positive effect on blood pressure and the heart and can even help with erectile dysfunction.

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CitruSyn is particularly pure L-citrulline, highly effective for performance enhancement and with special anti-aging effect. The diverse positive effects of CitruSyn:
- Perceptible increase in performance and stamina
- Delayed muscle fatigue for longer and more powerful intervals
- Reduces blood pressure
- Can prevent diabetes
- Helps with erectile dysfunction
- Protects against heart diseases